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Deconstruction and Recycling

With a continuous eye for improvement, Outils Océans and its teams looked into the decommissioning of its products and the possible recycling.

Deconstruction Goal and Method

After considerable testing, we concluded that our products could not be deconstructed as were. These analyses highlighted the need to separate materials and sort them to be able to recycle and process the waste.

As a result, today:

  • Deconstruction is mainly manual:
    • Cutting
    • Removal of (PVC) windows
    • Removal of metallic elements (zips, snap fasteners)
  • Partnerships
    • Deconstruction is managed by Les Papillons Blancs, a disabled association in Brittany.
    • The polyethylene (PE) used in our products is collected and recycled by Paprec
    • We bring the polypropylene (PP) for recycling to Sorep (59).

Reuse and Recycle:

  • Reuse: Fabrics can be shredded and quilted for use as insulation (in the automobile or construction industry) 
  • Recycle: PP and PE are processed into granules and can be used to make new raw materials 
  • Mixed recycle and reuse: PP and PE in granule form can be made to manufacture new finished products (signs for example)