Our designs are suitable for a variety of sectors including chemicals, petrochemicals, outdoor work, food industry, aeronautics, rural or urban environments, construction sites, industry, services, etc.

Picto_LavableMost materials are non-adhesive to guard against dirt and contamination.
Our document organisers can easily be washed in soapy water. They can withstand water jets, brushes, etc.


picto_imperméableThe semi-rigid frame and coated fabrics make our products waterproof. They protect your equipment from bad weather and spray.


Picto_agressions_chimiques Some document organisers in the range are chemical resistant: acids, hydrocarbons, corrosion.


Picto_Variation_Température Our products can withstand strong variations in temperature from -20 to +70°. The bags can be stored in vehicles in full sunlight or at night in winter or even for occasional work in cold rooms.


Picto_retardateur de feuOn request, we can offer M2 class materials (hardly combustible) to protect equipment and operators subject to electrical and flame (welding) risks. We can also provide solutions for controlled environments (aeronautics, ship building, emergency services, etc.)