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Auditing and advising your organisation

Outils Océans is developing its consulting services to support major companies, administrations and local authorities to organise and optimise their documentary and logistics flows:

  • Mail
  • Packages
  • Reprographics
  • Publishing
  • Scanning
  • Postal industry

Our consulting-advisory service is three-pronged:

  • Diagnosis of Existing : We analyse the flows, processes, human and material resources, surfaces and the level of service quality.
  • Recommendations, Optimisation : We recommend working methods and propose quality procedures. We study the best layout and organisation for your mail-logistics department. We highlight and cost areas for improvement in the budgetary management of your logistics, service provider contracts, postage, etc.
    Finally, we provide our expertise in organisation and digital transformation.
  • Design : For premises moves, rearrangement or refitting, our design office designs ergonomic work stations to enhance working conditions and operator productivity.

Equipped with CAD/CAM software, we can produce 2D plans and 3D views of your project to represent the flows in your future workplace.
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3. Mail Management Procedures
4. Operational Support
5. Postage Budget Analysis
6. Postage Recommendations
7. Digital Organisation of Incoming Flows
8. Project Management support
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