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Automated Sorting

In partnership with the manufacturer Opex, Outils Océans presents Mailmatrix, the only solution in the world for automated sorting of all types of mail.

With MailMatrix, process your mail like never before…
Its leading-edge technology replaces humans with speed and accuracy using smart, wireless conveyor robots, iBots.
In a single passage, process a wide variety of formats, sort criteria and destinations, from 30 to 1088 destinations.

The scanning module recognises address characters and/or barcodes and interfaces with the database to determine the sort destination.
Its vertical design with a double row of pigeonholes offers considerable space savings.
Its modular configuration can be changed by adding pigeonholes, trays or video coding stations.

For even more efficiency, Outils Océans round-trip mail pouches can be placed directly at the machine exit to replace the bins.