Mail Inspection

Some mail does not clearly identify the recipient. Certain specific business processes require documents to be read and keywords identified to determine how to sort the mail. This is known as mail inspection.

Inspection requires working in a sitting position with a sufficiently large work surface to read documents. A PC may be required to conduct searches in a directory or database.  The workstation must be limited in spread to prevent operators from having to extend their arms or turn their bodies. L-shaped or “fan” configurations are the most frequent.

Sorting units can be wooden framed, in which case we recommend plexiglass bottoms and shelves through which operators can see each other. The frame can also be made entirely of plexiglass to increase luminosity. For aesthetic reasons, the station needs to be kept clean and tidy!


Some mail inspection stations for specific business processes are only used during a limited time of the day. In order to optimise use of mail investigation stations, limit their number and the work surface used, Outils Océans mail investigation stations can be used for several sorting purposes with our rotary pigeonhole indexes. Up to 4 labels can be displayed on each pigeonhole and the sorting plan can be changed in the blink of an eye!


Desk-type supports can be provided and legs can be made of lacquered or epoxy-coated steel, or stainless steel tubes. Any configuration is possible to suit all your needs:

  • Work surface with ergonomic cut-out
  • Storage lockers
  • Integrated PC
  • Cable runs
  • Electrification
  • Stands

Mail investigation often requires experienced operators who known the structure of the organisation perfectly. How can new arrivals be trained to anticipate the retirement of these key operators?
Mail investigation is also very time-consuming. When the time is spent is calculated in relation to the volume of documents processed, productivity is far lower than on final sorting stations.
How can mail investigation productivity be improved?

Using the Expertri software, a dialogue is conducted between the operator and the software by means of a series of increasingly probing questions.
For each investigation, Expertri asks a question that the operator must answer using a keyword in the mail. Expertri continues this question/answer process until the right destination is determined.