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EDM (Electronic Document Management) Software

How can circulating mail and documents be digitised and managed? How can business processes be automated? How can relations with customers, suppliers and partners be enhanced?
With Elise, make sense of your documents using multichannel and multiflow electronic document management.

In order to continue to provide innovative solutions integrating the best technology for document flow management, in 2014 Outils Océans became an approved partner with Archimed, a specialist in Electronic Document Management and Mail Management solutions.
Elise and DocFactory are used by over 100,000 users around the world to control and secure their content.

  • Digitization
  • Multichannel Multiflow Capture
  • Collaboration
  • Document Management
  • Piloting

Outils Océans can accompany your project from the study through to implementation of the solution.

  • Digitize and manage your mail and all your circulating content.
  • Automate your business processes
  • Manage and enhance relations with third-parties (customers, citizens, suppliers, partners, etc.)

Capture Incoming Flows

Paper content can be digitized from any piece of equipment, whatever the brand. Digitization can be done in batches and OCR and 1D/2D recognition can be performed. Already digitized documents can be injected into Elise and converted into PDF/A: emails, web forms, SMS, all formats of attachments.
Elise can also process phone calls and reception.

Process Management and Collaborative Work

Thanks to fine workflow administration, control your business processes and manage employee tasks.
Reminders and alerts automatically generated. Document versions are managed and traced by Elise.
Elise fits into your organisation and offers users the ability to manage their delegations.

Quality, Control, Piloting

Deadlines and access to document templates is part of your quality policy. To enable you to optimise risk control, Elise guarantees processing times, secures access to information, preserves confidentiality and offers intelligent archiving plans. Monitoring tools and statistics provide piloting and decision-making tools.