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Semi-rigid Pouches

Designed for pre-sorting mail, the polypropylene pouch protects your mail thanks to its semi-rigid front. One semi-rigid side makes for easy handling.

Once empty, it is very easy to replace in a pigeonhole. There are 2 types of opening to suit your needs:

  • 1 traditional zip opening (PP)


  • 1 quick and easy velcro opening (PV).

To ensure nothing is forgotten in the pouch when it is emptied, they can be ordered with one transparent side (opaline).

With the Velcro polypropylene pouch, no need to remember to close your pre-sorting pouches. Just one press and it’s closed.

Better than the traditional pouch, the polypropylene reversible pouch (reference RP) and the polypropylene carry case (reference VP) enhance the presentation of your mail with their 2 semi-rigid sides.

Polypropylene pouches and the materials used are designed for a longer lasting life. They can be made to order: size, colour, format, address type, security, etc.
Reference: RP or VP + 6 figures (corresponding to the pouch format) + Options (letter codes)

For internal mail, Outils Océans has designed the 1st environmentally-friendly pouch.
Called the Éco-PCI, it was designed to meet the needs of mail services looking to replace disposable envelopes.
Of almost unlimited lifespan, this is a profitable investment that also meets sustainable development objectives.
With its large useful volume with a gusset of 3 to 12 cm, the Eco-PCI can hold bulky documents, signature books and thick files.
Zip closure to maintain the mail inside the pouch.
Simple, reliable and customisable address system: users can design their own signature sheet, print it out and insert into the pouch flap.
Addresses are visible on one side only to prevent any double addressing errors.