Easy to install, cow hitch the reboarding ladder around the stern rail.

1. Take out the ladder from the box and introduce the top part represented by the symbol TOP/ HAUT to the stern rail.

2. Installation by cow hitch around the stern rail. The loop of the ladder should face outside.

3. Slide the case onto the ladder and pass the upper flap of the case between the cow hitch and the first rung of the ladder. Screw the flap to the case with the two screws and nuts.  The nuts should be facing the outside of the case.

4. Thread steps in the case and close the flap with the snaps. Cut the cord level with the waterline and test the ladder to be sure it falls correctly in the water. It is important to ensure that the ladder deploys safely into the water.  Finally, fold the ladder back into its case and close the flap with snaps.  Your rescue ladder is ready. You can go sailing with a feeling of extra security !

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