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The concept and recommendation for use

The BAB’So Kit : My link to life !

Because every second gained is a victory over the situation, the BAB’So kit is an technical AND psychological assistance.


How can i use it ?

BAB’So kit is versatile and can be worn on the wrist or the ankle, on belt loops, or attached to a life jacket (rolled up or flat).

  • It is made of ISO standard high-visibility orange fabric.
  • It has 78cm of retro-reflective banding, unlike the banding found on life jackets which is often in the water and not visible. This kit has 78cm visible.
  • There are two light tubes that each provide 8 hours of light, so 16 hours of light in total, placed on a SOLAS band to optimise their effectiveness.
  • There is a mirror-effect strip to reflect torches, sunshine, etc.
  • A 150 cm lanyard with 150kg tensile strength
  • A whistle
  • A lifeline to prevent losing the device
  • There are medical ID strips, two velcro bands that can be used to make an emergency splint.