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Recommendations for use


  1. Attach the mainsail, spinnaker or genoa halyard to the loop at the top of the ladder (side with two rungs opposite each other).
  2. Using the halyard, hoist the ladder up the mast removing the coils from the bottom.
  3. Attach a line to the loop at the bottom of the ladder and fix it to the gooseneck or a fitting at the foot of the mast.
  4. Tension tightly using a winch.

Photo_Drisse Hisser_drisse Etarquer


  1. Install the fall-arrester by attaching it to a free halyard.
  2. Put on the harness
  3. Fix the fall-arrester to the harness




You are ready to climb !


  1. Catch hold of the mast with your hands
  2. Push your feet against the mast,
  3. and push up with your body, once to the right, then to the left and so on, rotating your body slightly around the mast. When your right foot is pushing on the mast, you are slightly to the right of the mast; when your left foot is pushing on the mast, you are slightly to the left of the mast.

Technique du cocotier1        technique du cocotier2

At the top of the mast

  1. Rest your feet in the 2 opposing rungs making up the platform
  2. Pass the lifeline around the mast and adjust your position comfortably.
  3. With your back resting against the harness, you can leave your hands free. Your arms will not tire as you are positioned above your work.

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