To ensure your autonomy and safety, Outils Océans recommends you use the safety pack containing 2 essential accessories for climbing, working and descending the mast: the harness and the fall-arrester


The harness acts as a harness and a chair. It ensures both safety and user comfort. It can be used to work standing on the platform, leaning on your feet with your back supported by the wide belt. You can adjust your position for greater comfort using the lanyard around the mast.

The harness enables you to sit and work suspended from the halyard by the fall-arrester, like on your mast chair.

This way, you can reach the ends of the spreaders, descend along the backstay or forestay and, for greater comfort, rest…



The fall-arrester is from the rock climbing world. Easy to use, it can be attached to a free halyard,

or a sheet that has previously been hoisted with the ladder. During your climb, it naturally supports your movements and in the event of a problem, will hold your weight instantly.

During the descent, this safety system will hold you on each rung and force you to slide it down manually rung by rung.