Outils Océans can advise you on choosing the right scanning equipment for your volumes and formats of documents to be scanned. From the office scanner to a large-scale digitisation station, we can provide an efficient solution.

Outils Océans has partnered with Opex, the world leader in opening, extraction and scanning of documents. We distribute the Falcon range of mail/document scanning stations.

The Falcon combines an innovative and robust dynamic conveying system with a high-volume production scanner. Whatever your document scanning needs, Falcon is designed to meet the most difficult workflow challenges. From thick paper to fragile or damaged manifold paper, not forgetting envelopes, files, receipts, small forms and business cards: any style or type of document can be scanned!

The Falcon enables operators to prepare and scan documents faster than most traditional preparation processes. This significantly reduces the costs associated with preparing documents for scanning.
The Falcon guarantees greater document integrity as documents are processed only once and converted into images. While documents are being scanned, operators can view the images in real-time to ensure correct capture and identification. This reduces long and costly rescanning.

The FalconRED module includes an envelope opening and extraction unit, the most efficient on the market, to make a universal scanning platform for the mailroom.
The CertainScan application has many functions and is the ideal addition to the Falcon, thanks to its automatic sorting and intuitive visual classification of documents during scanning.