Late deliveries or lost items may have serious legal and/or financial consequences. Do you want to trace sensitive items and the contents of return-trip mail bags or be alerted in the event of anomalies?
Do you want to receive a daily report?
Discover Traç@flux, traceability for physical mail and logistics flows.

For any organisation, the mail service is essential for communication. It is often included in the quality and certification procedures.
Operators in the logistics chain face difficulties in meeting their service and reporting obligations: search for undelivered items, missing information or information that is difficult to collect or unreliable, no analysis or warning mechanisms, user complaints, transfer of responsibility difficult to formalise.

For this reason, Outils Océans has designed Traç@flux, a traceability solution for:

  • all items (packages, sensitive mail, trays, mail bags, pouches, etc.)
  • all flows (between sites, internally)
  • all operations,
  • all locations,
  • all operators.

Traç@flux is a complete hardware and software solution that is modular and affordable for single or multiple premises. The information collected is reliable, transparent and accessible in real time.
Traç@flux is a secure and autonomous system thanks to cloud data.

Hardware is adapted to the conditions of use :

  • Rugged portable terminal for mail rounds including a camera and dual barcode and RFID reading system.
  • Traçabox, all the technology of Traçaflux in a ready-to-use unit which can be used to rapidly create a fixed station in the mailroom or a platform for receiving, sending and delivering at the counter against signature on a tablet… It can connect to all the peripherals required for the activity (screen, keyboard, mouse, scanner, signature tablet, printer, etc.).
  • Fixed RFID station for rapid reception and sending of mail pouches and bags.
  • RFID tunnel stations for dynamic reading of mail bags and pouches.

The user interface is identical whatever the tool (mobile or fixed) and easy to use: 8 operating modes cover all the needs of the logistics cycle.
A GPRS link with the cloud data from all terminals (fixed or mobile) simplifies installation and keeps the solution separate from your IS.
Access to terminals is secured by means of RFID badges to identify users and access rights.

The Traç@flux cloud offers a user-friendly interface for rapid replies to “help desk” requests: search filters, printing, extraction, item cycle detail, display of photos and signature images.
Anomalies are rapidly identified and the supervisor can enter comments to record the causes and corrective measures.

For reporting, managers can access a counter to instantly view monthly flows. They can receive a daily email of statistics and view details of the activity and anomalies. At any time, a new report can be generated from a custom extraction of data.

Advantages of Traç@flux:

  • Reliable collection and extraction of data
  • Rapid or immediate information recovery (GPRS link and cloud interrogation by authorised users via secure web interface)
  • Optimised processing time (recovery of existing barcodes, carrier allocation, automatic RFID reading, etc.)
  • Adaptable to all volumes and all types of structure
  • Adaptable to the budget (rental/maintenance contracts)
  • System control, analysis, maintenance
  • Modular system: new sites, equipment, operators, etc.