Addressing is essential to ensure your items are delivered to the right recipient and to ensure your mail is traceable.

Aware of this importance, the Outils Océans team has developed a reliable and quality range of addressing solutions.

Label-holders on your mail bags (flexible or semi-rigid) can be filled from the outside (CE) or the inside (CI) and come in several dimensions.
External fill label holders can be used to change the label or turn it over without opening the bag. This type of label is ideal for internal mail. They can be closed by velcro (CEV) or snap fasteners (CEP).

Internal label holders can be closed with a flap (CIR) or with velcro (CIV).

To complete your pouches, we offer semi-rigid supports for adhesive labels in several dimensions.
Do you need available resources to prepare your labels? Outils Océans can provide a service to print and place your labels on their supports. For better resistance over time and good legibility of the barcode, we can laminate address labels.

For semi-rigid pouches and round-trip mail pouches, we recommend using the sliding label-holder (EC) to display a specific label for incoming and outgoing mail.

The sliding label indicates the direction of delivery by displaying information about the recipient or return address. From the start of sorting, check for the right address by checking the position of the snap fasteners. The snap fasteners secure the address label during transport and handling (fixed during transport and address label locked in position for better visibility).

Sliding label-holders come in several dimensions for standard adhesive labels of dimensions 105×70 or 150×100.

We also offer printing, installation and lamination of your address labels for sliding label-holders.

Used in conjunction with Traç@flux, in addition to printing and lamination, we can install and encode RFID tags.

Finally, for labelling trays, bins or trunks, use the Outils Océans label holder. It can be fixed to any side.