Mail Bags

Designed from traditional bags, the Outils Océans mail bags offer better service with their innovative design and modern materials.
Mail bags can be made to order: dimensions, materials, flat bottom, square bottom, semi-rigid sliding bottom, carry handles, seal eyelets, etc. Some advice for choosing the bag for your application :

What dimensions?

Possible dimensions depend on the materials chosen for manufacture.
Single-side PVC-coated polyamide and 2-sided PVC-coated polyester: we can make any dimensions required.
Woven polypropylene: we can provide bags of width 70 or 80 cm for flat bags and 30×30, 35×35 or 40×40 for square-bottom bags.
All heights can be provided.
Contact us for the colours available for each width.

What materials?

We offer 3 types of material depending on the use:

  • Single-sided PVC-coated polyamide:
    • suitable for the body of small-sized bags,
    • used for making covers with eyelets (see §3).
  •  Double-sided PVC-coated polyester:
    • suitable for large-sized bags,
    • used to make highly robust lined bottoms,
    • the strongest material, but also the heaviest.
  • Woven polypropylene:
    • suitable for bags of all sizes,
    • both the strongest and lightest material,
    • although not as tough as tarp for pointed items,
    • woven polypropylene cannot be fitted with eyelets or snap fasteners.

Which closing and sealing system?

We offer 4 closing systems for use with mail bags depending on the material used at the top of the bag (at the opening), according to the compatibility table below:

Which address system?

We offer external or internal label holders.
Internal label holders can be fitted with a flap. External label holders can be closed using snap fasteners or velcro. Once again, compatibility with the bag body material is important.

Other Options

Carry handles :

Bottom lined with Woven polypropylene :

Bottom lined with double-sided PVC-coated polyester (TARP) :

Hard polyethylene 18/10 bottom :

Screen-Print Customisation

  • On single-sided PVC-coated polyamide and on double-sided PVC-coated polyester: all colours are possible
  • On woven polypropylene: black only.