With nearly 30 years of experience in semi-rigid and custom-made textiles, Outils Océans has acquired unique know-how enabling us to find ingenious and effective solutions to the various needs of our customers.

1. Study and Design

To meet your needs precisely, we conduct a field diagnosis.
Our technical sales staff, business experts, conduct an assessment, identify your needs and recommend custom solutions with the support of our design office.

Your projects come to life in our design office
Well-structured and equipped with the latest 2D/3D drawing and design tools, working methods, ergonomics and circulation are optimised (both internally and for our customers). Equipment is designed and its production monitored.

The prototype team completes the work of the design office by making models, unique parts and preparing the launch of a pre-production run or direct production.


2. Manufacture

Whatever your constraints, we have the necessary means of production to deliver large or small production runs of your orders, within the best lead-times, at very competitive prices and with rigorous quality control.

50% of our textile production is manufactured in France and 50% in collaboration with a network of partners in France, Europe, Asia and Tunisia for textile production, furniture and trolleys, machines and software development.

  • Our head office in Saint-Evarzec has 1400 m² of premises including 750 m² for production divided into several areas:


  • cutting workshop


  • high-frequency and ultrasound welding

benderoche (253)

  • production workshop

benderoche (315)

Every year, we manufacture over 70,000 finished products on this site (excluding sub-contracted activities).

The 5Ms at the heart of production at Outils Océans:

Machines > Methods > Materials > Manpower > Medium




  • 17700 m2 of fabric
  • 10 T of plastic
  • 370000 Accessories Consumed per year
  • 90m2 of permanent raw materials stock

benderoche (337)

  • 4 presses
  • 1 guillotine
  • 1 thermoforming machine
  • 4 welding machines
  • 2 stitching robots
  • 25 sewing machines
  • Machines for inserting rivets, snap fasteners, eyelets and automatic accessories
  • Strap cutting machines

benderoche (208)

  • 1 Technical Director in charge of methods and quality
  • 1 Workshop Coordinator
  • 1 Cutting Manager
  • 1 Machine Manager
  • 1 Accessories Manager
  • 10 Seamstresses
  • 1 Maintenance Technician

3. Store and Deliver:

We have a range of products in stock available at any time.
We also store finished products in-house or at our logistics partners (Saga, TWL) and deliver to all your sites or the end user.
We work closely with 4 carriers to deliver your orders:

  • DPD: Delivery of small packages
  • Coliposte: Delivery to private individuals
  • Kuehne& Nagel: Delivery of packages and pallets
  • Bolloré Logistic: Specific export deliveries



4. Guarantee, Maintain, Assist

All our equipment is guaranteed for parts and labour. Beyond this warranty, our after-sales department can maintain your equipment in perfect working order. For software solutions, a dedicated hotline can deal with any questions and call-out requests.

benderoche (285)

For all your requests, we have a dedicated email address: [email protected]

An expert is also available by phone on +33 256 10 20 40

Your requests are processed and traced using our EDM software Elise.