Designer and Manufacturer since 1987

On the strength of its offshore racing experience, Outils Océans is with you everywhere and for a long time! Our textile and semi-rigid equipment is designed to store, carry and protect.

Innovation drives our development

Our solutions will provide productivity, quality, safety and comfort in your working environment by using the best of technology.

Long-term, trustful relationship

With us, you are a customer-partner.
Your trust leads us to try out new materials, new processes and new sectors to offer you complete “turnkey” solutions.

A professional approach based on advice

We provide support from the initial stages of your project up to the implementation of the solution and beyond, with personal attention from your specific contact.

Outils Océans, a committed team

Our 26 employees all share the same goals: to satisfy our customers and take account of sustainable development.

Our sectors of activity

Our solutions

Lee Cloth

60.79  HT

Main Mooring Bag - CH601850,BM,EVA

135.00  HT

Fixation plate

1.17  HT

Pare Battage de Ponton

124.08  HT

Water Bottle Holder - RMB

22.92  HT

Anchor bag - CO452425

62.00  HT

Fenders PB244610,GL / PB405510,GL / PB244610,GL

54.17 95.50  HT

Storage Lockers - PP332508 / EQ5535,2C

49.17 72.92  HT

Mooring line Protection - HP1140

18.67  HT

The Mast Ladder - MagicMât - Safety kit

86.58 235.12  HT

Guard Line protection - HP1003

35.83  HT

New safety and survival device - BAB'So First

64.00 65.83  HT

Sac navette à soufflet frontal - NF364620,EC,SRV,DR

37.60  HT

OMATION Modèle 306s

17 100.00  HT

OMATION Modèle 306

13 200.00  HT

Sac de distribution - SJ423240,2C

52.85  HT

Lot de 2 housses pour corbeille avec rabat - 6805

72.50  HT

Pochettes à courrier - WA453505

124.00  HT

Module de 10 cases

529.14 661.14  HT

Chariot de distribution grande capacité 2 corbeilles - 3809 MT5

640.00 839.00  HT

Chariot de distribution avec 3 corbeilles - 3526

257.00 341.00  HT

OMATION - Modèle 2112

4 900.00  HT

Trieur Navette - TN283880,CEP,10C

179.50  HT

Support pour meuble de 20 cases

936.20 1 148.20  HT

Grand rangement à roulettes - CO453626,RL

175.00  HT

Sac à Outils - CO3

85.52  HT

Sac à Outils - CO2

87.77  HT

Sac organisé EPI souple avec Trolley intégré - SC803242,RL

224.40  HT

Sacoche à outils – CO10

67.13  HT

Sacoche ceinture-cuisse - COT142807,cuisse

57.20  HT

Sac à dos outils / EPI Modulable à roulettes - SD324516,1C,RL

123.75  HT

Porte-Documents Véhicules - BI243402,CE,CI,PINCE

39.74  HT

Sac polochon - SC703030

42.25  HT

Servante organisée mobile - CO2N,BF / CO453626,RL

258.54  HT

Grand rangement organisé - CO6

134.50  HT

Sacoche à Outils -Travaux aériens- CO8

62.83  HT

Pack Famille - Nouvel équipement de sécurité et de survie BAB

192.00  HT

Evolution of the organization of Outils Océans facing Covid-19 crisis : Outils Océans team remains mobilized to support you

Outils Océans lance une production dédiée de masques en partenariat avec Armor Lux

Facing extension of Coronavirus Covid-19 crisis, Outils Océans takes exceptional measures.

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