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One of the founding values of Outils Océans is People. This is expressed in all our relations: externally, with our customer partners and suppliers … but also internally with our employees.

Come onboard and join the Outils Océans team!

  • Tristan Poder

    Tristan Poder

    Sales Director

    Tristan joined the sales team in 2002. The growth of the company and the sales team led him to take on the role of Sales Director in 2007.

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  • Marine Hache

    Marine Hache

    Head of the Mail-Logistics Department

    Marine joined Outils Océans in 1999 as a Management Assistant. At the time, she fulfilled several roles: administrative, purchasing, sales. She quickly became the leading sales person for mail-logistics and heads the department today.

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  • Christelle Degeeter

    Christelle Degeeter

    Sales engineer Northern & Central France

    Christelle started her career in textiles, and became an expert in the mail department when she joined us in 2008. A recognised professional, she also knows how to foster long-term relationships with her customers.

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  • Régis Duc

    Régis Duc

    Sales engineer, South-East France

    With considerable experience in stock and cash management software, Régis joined us in 2016. He is responsible for the South-East quarter of France.

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  • Isabelle Leroy

    Isabelle Leroy

    Head of Professional Storage Solutions

    Isabelle left the scientific field early on to work in sales. Since 2008, she has developed her department with her customary good humour.

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  • Morgan Nicot

    Morgan Nicot

    Sales department of Professional Storage Solutions

    After several years in Paris and abroad dealing with Key Accounts in the International Transport, Morgan succumbed to the call of the sea and returned to his native land. He joined the Outils Océans team in 2017 in the department of professional storage solutions.

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  • Nicolas Lebugle

    Nicolas Lebugle

    Head of Marine Equipment

    A former Boat Captain, Nicolas crisscrossed the globe before settling in Brittany. He joined us in 2016 following additional training in the Institut Nautique de Bretagne (INB) in Concarneau.

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  • Marie Calvez

    Marie Calvez


    Following training in marketing and sales, and experience with a regional construction and services group, Marie rapidly found her place in the team and in her job, created in 2015. She is responsible for drawing up our marketing and telemarketing tools.
  • Catherine Tanneau

    Catherine Tanneau

    Head of Administration and Finance

    Catherine has been brilliantly managing the Outils Océans books since 2009. She also has a human side though as she is also responsible for social management in the company.

  • Maryse Le Bras

    Maryse Le Bras

    Administrative and Sales Assistant

    Maryse has been first in line for 8 years to look after you and her colleagues. Her job is multifaceted but luckily, she has the memory of an elephant!

  • Fabien Le Sciellour

    Fabien Le Sciellour

    Technical Director

    Following time with a large group, Fabien decided to move to a smaller company and joined Outils Océans in 2005 This engineer has managed to reconcile respect for methods with creativity. Appreciate by his teams for his participative management style, and by his customers for his determination in ensuring their innovative projects are a success.

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  • Erwan Kermel

    Erwan Kermel

    Design Office Project Manager

    With experience in plastics and mechanical design, Erwan joined our design office in 2014. He will bring your 2D and 3D projects to life. Creating is not quite enough for him however: he also manages relations with our suppliers and on-site installations at our customers.
  • Franck Auger

    Franck Auger

    Installation - Maintenance Technician

    Frank is a versatile technician. Internally, he maintains our machines and adapts our workstations. At the customers, he ensures installation and after-sales operations go smoothly.

  • Isabelle Canevet

    Isabelle Canevet

    Design, Prototypes

    Isabelle has been with us since the 1st day and has seen the growth in the company. In a little under 30 years, she has moved from cardboard patterns to CAD while at the same time mastering manufacturing.
  • Christelle Ansquer

    Christelle Ansquer

    Workshop Coordinator

    Christelle joined Outils Océans as a seamstress, and is a good example of career development. She has worked her way up. After spending some time in prototypes, she moved to the job of workshop coordinator.
  • Our Production Team:

    Our Production Team:


    Our talented production team has one shared goal: your satisfaction.
    It is responsible for delivering quality products, within the agreed deadlines.
    Skills, versatility and cohesion are the name of the game in the workshop.

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