Emergency Ladder - Magic Reboard

Emergency Ladder – Magic Reboard

96.00 125.00  HT

Features :

  • Installation by cow hitch around the stern rail
  • étui à ouverture béante,
  • box closed by flap and press studs
  • fluorescent band,
  • opening with small line,
  • ladder with 9 or 11 steps depending on model,
  • 2nd floap at the back of the box closed by inox screw and nut.

Materials :

  • ladder in polyester weaving, semi-rigid or rigid reinforcement (depending on model) in polyethylen,
  • box in PVC coated polyester double sides,
  • back in polyethylene
  • binding in black polypropylene weaving
  • cord polyester
  • ES27295 : reinforcement in polyethylen 1.8 mm thickness
  • ESR27350 : rigid rungs made of 2 acrylic rings in a strap sheath
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